Hotels in Bulgaria stopped feeding Ukrainian refugees due to lack of money

Hotels in Bulgaria stopped feeding Ukrainian refugees due to lack of money

As reported in the material, due to a change in the support program help Ukraine, some Bulgarian hotels have stopped feeding Ukrainian refugees, since the 15 Bulgarian leva allocated by the state (477 rubles) is not enough to cover the costs. However, some hotels continue to feed refugees on a voluntary basis.

“For the last three days, we have been providing food to refugees at our expense, but from today we stop feeding them, because we do not have the opportunity,” said Mikhail Zegov, owner of a hotel on the Black Sea coast.

It is specified that about 10 thousand Ukrainian refugees live in Bulgaria under the state support program.

Earlier in the day, Magali Pratte, a migration curator from SAMU Social, a municipal emergency humanitarian service, said that it has become more difficult for refugees from Ukraine to find shelter in Belgium. According to her, overnight stays at the station or in a shelter for the homeless are not rare.

November 17, The Telegraph reported that the UK’s Wiltshire County Council intends to purchase homes for Ukrainian refugees. They are supposed to be rented out. Housing will be purchased with funds received from the state. At the same time, at the end of August it became known that about a quarter of the participants in the British program to sponsor the placement of Ukrainian refugees want to withdraw from it. The reason was increased prices and increased electricity bills.

On November 15, in Canada, landlords found a way to cash in on refugees arriving from Ukraine. Canadian property owners began to demand from Ukrainians an advance payment for housing several months in advance.