Residents of Dublin protested against the placement of refugees from Ukraine

Residents of Dublin protested against the placement of refugees from Ukraine

It is noted that the actions took place in the central area of East Wall, local residents expressed their disagreement with the actions of the government regarding the issue of accommodating refugees from Ukraine. It is specified that the government wants to settle 380 refugees in the Eastern Wall.

At the same time, residents of this part of the city are dissatisfied with the prospect of a neighborhood with such a large number of Ukrainians.

As representatives of the integration department explained to the Irish at a personal meeting, at the moment 100 Ukrainians live in the building, and all of them are men. The rest of the refugees must come with their families.

In an interview with RND, the Vice President of the European Commission (EC), responsible for democracy and demography, Dubravka Schuica, said on November 26 that Ukrainian refugees will remain in Europe for many years after the end of the conflict. She urged to continue supporting needy Ukrainians.

The day before, the head of the Slavic House Association, Alla Usanova, said that she and her son took part in a rally in support of Donbass. After that, she began to receive threats from Ukrainians living in the Basque Country in Spain. People send threats indiscriminately, not even paying attention to the fact that the Slavic House provides assistance, including to Ukrainian refugees, Usanova specified.

A day earlier, on November 24, it was reported that refugees from Ukraine are facing discrimination from British landlords who deliberately deny them housing. A Ukrainian refugee who arrived in the UK back in February was surprised at the negative change in the attitude of local residents towards Ukrainians.

On the same day, political scientist Dmitry Zhuravlev doubted that European countries would want to accept a new wave of refugees from Ukraine. Officially, governments will express support for refugees, but at the municipal level, the attitude will be different, he is sure.

Prior to this, on November 23, Ukrainian refugees complained about the decision of the Irish authorities to evict them from a hotel in the suburbs of Dublin, where they had lived since May. It was noted that on November 28, according to the notice received by the refugees, they would be forced to leave the Klondalkin hotel.

Back in late October, the Irish Times, citing research by the sociological firm Ipsos, reported that in a survey, 56% of Irish people said it was necessary to stop accepting Ukrainian refugees. In addition, some Ukrainians are forced to spend the night at the airport while waiting for accommodation provided by local authorities due to lack of it.